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About Aotu / Aotuverse

Aotuverse is the first anime-themed game, with an existing 60+ million-person fan base to make the technology leap; Aotuverse is a mobile strategy RPG with multiplayer PVP and single-player PVE gameplay modes; it is set to make waves in the blockchain gaming industry.

Compete to win the “Aotu Tournament” and achieve divinity, contestants will have the opportunity to collect exclusive NFT Characters/in-game items and take advantage of advanced plan and earn mechanics that reward skilled gameplay.

Mobile Strategy RPG Crypto Game

Aotu Tournament

Battles take place on a chessboard where each square represents a unique possible action. Do you have what it takes to execute a strategic master class and ascend to divinity?


  • A deep roster of over 50+ contestants to collect and upgrade
  • Customize contestant avatars according to your style
  • Mix and match your squad lineup to discover unique strategies, devastating combos, and powerful synergies


  • Several PVP modes allow you to compete with other players.
  • Compete and earn NFTs, $GRT, $SST,and Components by reaching the top of the leaderboards

NFT Characters



King is an optimistic, fearless and loyal teen from the planet Dengru. Legend says it is God’s will that the people of Dengru are fated to suffer under an oppressive regime of hard labor and unjust taxes. To change Dengru’s fate, his sister, Q, entered the Aotu Tournament 3 years ago, but her whereabouts and safety remain a mystery. In search of Q and on a quest to save the people of his home planet, King embarked on a perilous journey to enter the Aotu Tournament.


Grey is the son of the patriarch of the Overwatch clan and its only surviving member. He is full of unwavering belief but stoic and prone to hiding his feelings. Grey cares deeply about his childhood friend King, but is hesitant to express his feelings about the bond between them. Dormant in an isolated chamber, Grey was awakened one day by an ancient voice that beckoned him. Heeding the call, Grey set out to join the Aotu Tournament to discover the truth behind the slaughter of his clan.


The S family is one of the oldest families on the Eudemons Planet. They possess the ability to communicate with beasts and command them in battle. Phantom is the second son of the patriarch and lives in the perpetual shadows of his older brother R. Unable to match the talent and abilities of R, Phantom was deemed useless and ostracized by his clan. Eventually, his own father also gave up on him. Three years ago, his brother was alleged to have perished in the Aotu Tournament. Seeking to discover the truth behind his brother’s disappearance and to prove his doubters wrong, Phantom was spurred on to join the Aotu Tournament.


Shrouded in mystery and darkness, Kalie’s past is an enigma tucked away in the deepest recesses of her mind. Her childhood was spent in deep solitude, with Old Bones her only friend. Any faint recollection or memory of her past causes upsetting thoughts and feelings to well up inside. Kalie lives in the realm known as Incessant Hell, where ordinary people are unable to survive. Labeled a witch by people from the outside world, Kalie enjoys chasing down intruders and even those who enter this realm by mistake. On a quest for excitement and intrigue, Kalie set out to join the Aotu Tournament.


Lemon, the Saintess of the Sacred Mountains has the ability to predict and receive oracles from the God of Judgment. Her unique gift of peering into the future and alternative appearance has led to her being a misunderstood outsider. For the last three years she has been unable to receive oracles from the God of Judgment and been without her powers of foresight. With the blessing of the high priest, she chose to participate in the Aotu Tournament to get closer to the realm of Gods to find answers.


Key Art


Q2 2022

Phase 1

  • Website launch 1.0
  • Release whitepaper and pitch deck
Q2 2022
Q3 2022

Phase 2

  • First wave NFT mint
  • IDO & Token Listing
  • Second wave NFT mint
  • Alpha P&E Game release
Q3 2022
Q4 2022

Phase 3

  • Beta game release
  • Official game release
  • Continuous game update along the Aotu World storyline: new game modes and stages
Q4 2022
Coming soon

Roadmap 2.0

  • DAO wallet and holder governance
  • Raffle system with staking
  • Aotu Metaverse
Coming soon


[Team description]

Patrick Chu


Onyx Gallegos


Radlin Abbott

Co-Project Lead


Co-Project Lead

Tyler Trueblood

Dev Ops Lead

Declan Mortimer

Growth Lead

Edmund Shen

Game Economy Lead

Charles Lee

Fundraising Lead

Mike Doria

Partnerships Lead

Don Lee

Web Dev Lead

Karen Tang

Global Communications Lead

Glenn Lyle

Community Lead

Wendy Wang

Content Lead

Christian Ray

Moderator Lead

Archie Ghifari

Partnerships Lead

Don Lee

Web Dev Lead

Karen Tang

Global Communications Lead

Glenn Lyle

Community Lead

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